Simple + smart business card for pretty much every business. App not required.

What is vCarrd

A brilliant way to share your business info!

Instantly share your info + your business details, and more with vCarrd - a brilliant business communications platform.

Simple, smart, and yes — very affordable.

Digital Transfer

100% Wireless

vCarrd uses an NFC chipset, which is an integrated IC that enables short-range, wireless communication between two devices.

QR code

QR Code

Use a two-dimensional barcode, aka QR Code, as an alternative wireless communication method.

Seamless Exchange

Seamless Exchange

No matter if your contact is using iPhone or Android, share your information digitally with them seamlessly.

Make vCarrd your own.

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Pro-exclusive Features

  • Total Customization

    Add your own logo, your own text, and your own images. Customize your digital vCarrd to your personal taste.

  • Multi Tenancy

    If you are like us, you run multiple businesses with different brands. Add each one of them with ease.

  • Utmost Flexibility

    Change your business information based on changing markets and dynamics. Change company name, addresses, contact numbers, and more.

  • Premium Support

    Technology is a great servant but a terrible master. Get answers to your queries within 48 hours or less.

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